Our Projects

We specialise in full stack Internet connected devices (IoT) as well as prototype-2-production for electronics products. Our experience in consumer and industrial electronics design gives our clients an accelerated boost to every project big and small. We sit with each of our clients to fully understand their requirements ensuring their prototypes and products meet their needs.

Below are some of the projects we are proud of and are allowed to mention publicly by name.


Solar Quotes - Energy Monitor

Designed and built an easy to install energy monitor that records and reports electricity usage. The device consists of a sensor and logger that records timestamped data to SD card. Intelligently coded to extend battery life and export data via USB port this achieved the requirements of simplicity and ease of use.

Power monitor for Solar Quotes

Sublime Climbers -  Bluetooth Climbing Board Trainer

'Simon Says' training game for climbers this project saw TinkerElectric develope a bluetooth enabled touch sensing board. Two 16 channel touch controllers interface to a processor and bluetooth transmitter to indicate where the climber has climbed to and report back to an App.

Sublime Climbers - Simon Says climbing beast board


Inverbrackie - Smart Sire Harness sheep tracker

Inverbrackie produce studs within the top 2% for genetic quality. To go further they needed to track fertilisation at a more granular level. Tinker Electric developed a ‘Smart  Harness’ that tracks ‘tupps’ with females over the courting season. The data is collected via bluetooth and uploaded to Google Docs via WiFi when an access point is detected within range. Identifying successful/unsuccessful fertilisations will allow Inverbrackie to close that last 2%. http://www.stockjournal.com.au/story/4113304/genetics-pave-path-to-success/

 Live Stock Journal - Inverbrackie sheep tracker


Delicioso - Automatic Cocktail Maker Machine

Delicioso approached Tinker to develop the next generation of Cocktail Machines. A smooth user interface and intelligent detection of drinks was required. An App was developed allowing smooth scrolling of cocktails which was also only presented if the correct component drinks were available. The solution consisted of an Android screen connected via Bluetooth to an intelligent motor control system. Intelligent database management allowed the display of only applicable drinks. https://youtu.be/29g_rZI7ANo



Tinker Electric - Word Clock

Developed by Tinker Electric this unique homewares piece to display the time in words. Over time this has been refined to now include user selectable colors as well as the ability to display alternate messages on special days. The internals consist of an LED matrix and internet connected controller.

Tinker's Word Clock multiple LED colours built in

Tinker Electric - Physical Like Counter

To engage customers in retail Tinker developed a live display for businesses ‘likes’ on Facebook and other social media programs. Sold throughout the world this display is capable of displaying any web based KPI via WiFi connectivity.

Physical Like Counter

Laurie Co - Internet Power Point

Developed an internet connected power point which is reports its power consumption and which can be remotely operated via the internet.

Internet controlled power point prototype

Social Booth - Internet Controlled Lighting Booth

Social booth approached Tinker Electric with the requirement to produce a lighting panel with the ability to control the intensity over the internet. The final solution consisted of an LED array with onboard controller to accept commands via the internet as well as local override. The PCB was delivered with a ‘flip able’ design allowing for one board to be both a master and slave depending on how it is wired.

Social Booth - Controllable LED panel, EAGLE PCB layout

Sandpit - Audio Social Media Phone

Electronics involved to re-create a 1960’s telephone to connect to the internet and present a social media platform for the elderly. Funded by RAA and Sandpit this project was delivered for the Department of the Aging.

Marco - Audio led social media phone


Sandpit - RFID reader for the Raspberry Pi

Used for home inspections and interactive art pieces this reader communicates its information to the Pi and finally to a cloud backend.


Smart Logic Electrical - Trailer Controller

Adapter device to remove issues of new cars with LED trailers. Device prevents warning light and flickering of LED lights in trailers.

Trailer Adapter to fix LED flickering and Warning indicators on cars


Platfarm - Internet Watering System

Internet controlled valve allowing farmer to turn on and off water supply as well as read back consumption via the web.


Tinker Electric - Water Me Bird

Learn to solder kit for students developed in partnership with the University of Wollongong. This unusually shaped PCB senses when your plant is thirsty and tweets a soft song to let you know.

Water me bird - plant defending circuit


RazzleDazzle - Damien Co

Developed an attractive lighting solution for a mountain biking event.

Platfarm - CAM bus logger with bluetooth

Designed and produced schematics for the startup Platfarm to create a logging connection to a tractors CAM bus. This device allows them to read statistics of the vehicle such as speed, fuel, location and report it back to an internet platform via Bluetooth back to the phone.

Mining and Control Systems:

Santos - Intelligent Well Cycling

Software program to intelligently control the buildup in wells to optimise production. Created savings of $5M p.a.

Santos - Soap Optimisation Control

Automation software to control to minimise the use of surfactant but optimise the production of gas within a range. Savings of $200k p.a. As well as reduced chemical related issues.


Intellect Systems

Wireless display (HMI) and control of Zinc mine via a mobile earth mover.


Intellect Systems

Control system for mobile hay baler machine

Intellect Systems

Programming of Control system and HMI for multiple sites